Synergy Nutrition Philosophy

By Dr. Marc Morris CSCS


Our nutrition philosophy at Synergy has evolved over the years and will continue to do so. We take pride in delivering results to our clients, so as our practitioners become more effective and experienced, our methods and practice evolve as well.

Most of our clients usually strive to improve two things through their nutrition:

·       Performance (improve performance in Crossfit and the endurance and strength sports it includes, with a particular focus on weight class athletes – Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Martial arts and Strongman)

·       Body composition and health (improve body composition and health markers influenced by obesity and lean body mass)

When looking to improve performance and body composition, traditional counselling tends to miss the big picture – some variables, like calorie and macronutrient intake, matter the most; whereas things like supplementation and food quality, matter less. At its core, the objective nature of the big picture must be addressed to make progress. 

How do we do this? We evaluate, educate and coach our clients in reference to the big picture.

To evaluate, we provide clients with an individualized dietary assessment, based on normal dietary habits.

Then, we educate our clients on what needs to change in their diet to reach their goals.

Lastly, our coaching process is about adherence – the most important variable in making progress. We coach the client using flexible dieting, a tracking-based system towards calorie and macronutrient targets on a daily basis. Since clients take ownership over their food choices, within their own preferences, adherence is high and they make progress. Additionally, we encourage and counsel clients to eat nutritious, health-promoting and minimally processed food within these targets. Lastly, we’ve learned to push science and discipline aside when appropriate - food is social, cultural and fun – making progress with this in mind is all about compromise.

Work with our team at Synergy Nutrition – we are experts in the science and application of human nutrition and performance.