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+ Dr. Alex Mackenzie - Chiorpractor D.C. B.Sc (Bio)

Dr. MacKenzie began his journey as a baseball player for Team Ontario when he found his passion for improving and pushing the level of the human potential. He then attended Canisius College an NCAA Division I school where he continued towards his goals of professional baseball. An injury along his journey brought him to chiropractic care where he discovered his new passion. Dr. MacKenzie graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and has since decided to aid athletes in avoiding common injuries and performing at the next level.

At Mackenzie Performance Chiropractic we are dedicated to delivering quality, natural, evidence-based healthcare to individuals where their concerns and goals are the primary focus. Our vision is to be the primary health care choice for individuals seeking to improve and optimize their health and performance.

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+ Bergen Vermette - Physiotherapist (Bio)

Bergen graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. His areas of professional interest are motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and concussions.

He is passionate about athletics and works regularly with athletes at the high school, junior, provincial, and national levels. In 2017, he was recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for his work in developing a role for ring-side physiotherapists treating combat sport athletes in professional MMA, boxing, and jiujitsu.

He is a recreational powerlifter, and teaches Brazilian Jiujitsu. He frequently escapes outdoors to hunt, fish, and be merry.

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+ Myranda Reimer - Physiotherapist (Bio)

Being a Physical Therapist is only a part of my life, but it is a part of my life that reflects many of my core values and morals. Being empathetic, genuine, hard working, and holistic are a number of traits that enhance my communication skills, customer service, and professionalism. I am able to build rapport with any population and specifically love talking about restoring quality of life through prevention and maintenance.

Human anatomy has always fascinated me and I love the mobility our bodies possess. I have a deep rooted passion for health and well-being, striving to live by example. Continuously learning from my own personal health experiences, as well as work experience, helps me better understand the many different ways clients need support.

I thoroughly enjoy the continuing education aspect of physiotherapy and spend lots of my time reading articles, practicing techniques, and consistently cycling through the many tools in my large toolbox, so to speak! I have many continuing education courses on my list as well.

Women's Health and Medical Therapeutic Yoga continue to be advancing areas of interest for me as I journey into practice. But overall I have a keen interest in many other divisions and modalities, including Manual Therapy, that allow me to be a Physical Therapist and facilitate growth in others.


+ Dr. Marc Morris - Nutritionist PhD, CSCS (Bio)

Dr. Marc is a full-blown health enthusiast. As a self-proclaimed polymath, Marc enjoys the relentless self-experimentation of all aspects of fitness.

Marc received an Honours Chemistry (Bio-organic Specialization) degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

In academia, Marc’s experience ranges from playing “lab rat” as a healthy control to delivering a two full university level courses (Advanced Metabolism and Macronutrients and Current Issues in Nutrition). In 2009, he moved to the Prairies to pursue graduate school in Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan, where he graduated with his PhD in Nutrition.

As a strength athlete, Marc is a nationally-ranked Powerlifter, 2012 Westerns Raw Champion. 2014 Bronze National medalist, and 2015 North American Gold medalist. Additionally, Marc is the Elite Powerlifting Coach at Synergy Strength in Saskatoon. He has coached several athletes to the World and National level, including multiple podium finishes, and at the provincial level where his athletes hold several provincial records. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

As a physique athlete, Marc had a very successful show season in 2014, winning the overall at the SABBA Novice Classic, INBF National Championships, and a SABBA provincial title in Men’s Physique Short.

As a health coach, Marc provides guidance to all those looking to improve their health and reach their fitness goals, specifically through barbell strength training and body recomposition.

+ Ashley Perreault - RMT (Bio)

Ashley graduated from Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2015. Since then, she has done further study in Myofascial Cupping, Sports massage, concussion treatments, and she specializes in Rapid Neurofascial Reset.

She has always had a passion for health and wellness of body and soul. With Massage Therapy and Personal Training experience, she has gained an understanding of how the body works, how to maintain/improve its level of ability and how to efficiently rehabilitate after an injury. Ashley really enjoys being part of an integrated clinic. She loves to work with clients who are recovering from injuries, dealing with and overcoming pain, and more. Her goal is to help make positive changes in her clients lives. She has a very therapeutic outlook on Massage Therapy.

Ashley loves to spend her time playing volleyball, going camping, hiking, snowboarding, reading and spending time with friends and family.

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+ Brittany Bueckert - RMT (Bio)

Brittany has been a Registered Massage Therapist with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada since 2015 and a part of the Synergy Team since 2017. She specializes in deep tissue massage, myofascial cupping, and soft tissue release therapy. Brittany has been taking advantage of the flexibility of her career and has worked in Northern Mining camps, at a World class fly in fishing lodge, with PGA players and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In her spare time, youʼll find her on the weightlifting platforms, on the Crossfit floor, or getting another tattoo.

+ Cassandra Exner-Williams - RMT (Bio)

My Name is Cassandra Exner-Williams R.M.T. I have been a registerd massage therapist sinece Dec 2001 and have always said that massage therapy is the best profession in the world. I have worked in several places in my career and have been with Synergy Sports Therapy since May of 2017. I was an examiner with MTAS fro 5 years then went on to be the CChief examiner of mtas for a further 6 years. Working with the Sports therapy team is a great way to make sure that my clients get the best treatment possible. I have taken many courses over the ears to further my own education as well. I am certified in Advanced trigger point therapy (upper and lower body), Myo Fascail release (level1),, Anatomy trains (level1), Myofascial cupping. I am a big believer in educating the public and futhering the profession of massage therapy. I addition to being a rmt, I am a wife and a mother to 2 amazing children.

+ Lana Price-Wright - RMT (Bio)

I have been a massage therapist since 2012. I have always been passionate about sports massage and helping athletes train at their peak performance.

As an athlete myself I believe it’s very important to help educate other athletes when it comes to recovery, sport and technique.

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+ Sean Hoey - RMT (Bio)

His interest in massage therapy started on the receiving end. He is a baseball pitcher and avid curler and without massage therapy he would never have been able to achieve his personal goals. With his sports background, he was always interest in the function of the human body and testing its ability. With his educatuion and personal expereince with massage, Sean beleives he delivers an effective treatment for each individual. His treatment style is his own mixed deep tissue/active/passive release method of therapeutic massage with some added cupping for myofascial release. Sean treats each client differently as everyone's tissues respond uniquely. One of his favourite areas to treat is the neck. He is very in-depth and effective in releiving tension in this area.