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Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s health physiotherapy is a sub -division of physiotherapy that specifically addresses symptoms or conditions experienced by women of all ages. Pelvic health, also known as pelvic floor physical therapy further explores pelvic floor dysfunction or other symptoms related to the pelvic area, this includes surrounding joints, muscles and connective tissue.

Pelvic Health   

Women may experience symptoms whether or not they have had children, during or after pregnancy, as well as into later years of life. Pelvic floor symptoms although common are not normal. Symptoms are a sign of dysfunction, a way your body expresses something is “wrong” and unfortunately your performance and likely your quality of life are being affected.

A women’s health physiotherapist has the expertise through specialized training to support your rehabilitation if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below:

o   Leakage of urine, for example with cough or sneeze, under load, or during impact

o   Leakage of bowel or gas

o   Bladder or bowel urgency

o   Bladder or bowel frequency (having to void multiple times in a short period of time at home or prior/during activity)

o   Constipation

o   Pelvic Organ Prolapse

o   Symptoms of heaviness, pressure burning in the pelvis

o   Diastasis abdominis recti (abdominal separation secondary to pregnancy or performance strategy)

o   Pelvic Pain

o   Painful intercourse or sexual relations

o   Tailbone pain

Women’s health physiotherapy provides support for pre and post-partum women, painful periods, endometriosis, menopause, osteoporosis education and exercise support, as well as provide post urogenital surgical support. For example, abdominal laparoscopic procedures or bladder, bowel, uterine, or hysterectomy procedures.

Performance Driven Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Upon meeting, your pelvic health physiotherapist will take a full medical history and thoroughly discuss your current concerns and symptoms. With informed consent, a complete physical assessment of the joints, muscles and connective tissue within and surrounding the area of concern will be evaluated. This may include internal and external examinations of the pelvic floor for mechanical or muscular issues that may be causing pain or dysfunction.

An advantage Myranda has to providing you with the best care is that she understands the demands of the sports your love, so evaluation of lifting technique and performance strategy will be addressed to ensure rehabilitation is functional and truly supporting your goals.

Every person has a unique experience, and Myranda will work with you to identify your personal goals and with your support create an individualized care plan to help you continue enjoying, participating in and benefitting from fitness without limitation!

Kindly note, all humans have pelvic floors and many men experience pelvic floor dysfunction as well. Myranda supports all humans, but has taken a keen interest in women’s health. Please do not hesitate to inquire about men’s pelvic health also.

Women’s Health in Strength Sports

Pelvic floor dysfunction may be displayed in many different movements; box jumps, double-unders, or deadlifts, but it is not normal! It is no different than shoulder pain, or hip pain. Women can experience the same symptoms within Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Running and any other forms of exercise and movement.

You don’t have to stop what you love doing and I am not going to tell you to! Education from a trainer professional, modifications and rehabilitation make the difference.




60min Initial consult - $110

45min Follow-up consult - $85

30min Follow-up consult - $70

**All prices are +GST


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